[FREE] Happy Chinese New Year 2022 Twibbon App

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[FREE] Happy Chinese New Year 2022 Twibbon App – Chinese New Year or Lunar New Year 2022 falls on February 1, 2022. Chinese people all over the world usually celebrate it with various festive celebrations.

This Chinese New Year is the year of the tiger. Traditionally, Chinese New Year usually lasts for 16 days, the culmination of which is a lantern festival. This year, the Chinese New Year celebrations will be held from January 31 to February 15, 2022. However, Chinese people usually get 7 days off, from January 31 to February 6, 2022.

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Chinese New Year will usually include 3 forms of celebration such as New Year’s Eve (31 January 2022), 2022 Chinese New Year’s Day (1 February 2022), and the Lantern Festival (15 February 2022).

2022 Lunar New Year Twibbon Application Link

To enliven the 2022 Chinese New Year, you can use the twibbon or the 2022 Chinese New Year photo frame below.

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Happy Chinese New Year 2022 Twibbon

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How to Use the 2022 Lunar New Year Twibbon App

This is a website-based application that has been arranged in such a way as to make it easier for users.

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1. Please open one of the twibbon links above,
2. You will be presented with a twibbon display with an empty photo frame condition. Please upload your photo.
3. The photo will automatically occupy the position of the frame or twibbon.
4. Please adjust the position. Zoom in or out. You can also shift the position of the photo to fit the twibbon you choose.
4. Click “Next” if it fits.
5. Click download photo
6. Done.

Happy Chinese New Year 2022!

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